What do you think? Check out Taylor Square's potential! Combined with our #EastsideSydney Destination Marketing Strategy and call for a 'comprehensive re-imagining of the 'lockout laws', we believe that our bold new vision for Oxford St & Taylor Sq is the most comprehensive plan yet put forward to revitalise Oxford St & Surrounds.

Our concepts and plans are borne of conversations with many people over a significant amount of time, and we think we have struck a great balance, but that does not mean there is not room for improvement or change. We all move forward and upward together and so please contact us with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.


Darlinghurst Business Partnership’s Bright and Bold new vision for Oxford Street & Taylor Square

It is clear that development will come to Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. If, however, it is managed creatively and effectively this this need not spell the end of the City of Sydney’s last arts, culture and entertainment precinct.

The changes in Kings Cross since the Lockout Laws have been swift and stark. Development money has swept through, and the culture has shifted dramatically. This kind of gentrification follows an inexorable pattern: creative individuals move into poor or run-down areas and make those areas vibrant. Then money, seeking the cool, pushes those creatives out. Diverse late night trading must be encouraged and intelligently policed.

Implementing statutory changes such as:

· mandatory levels of soundproofing and insulation for inner-city development;

· ‘agent of change’ principles where the person or business responsible for the change is responsible for managing the impact of the change; and

· inclusionary zoning to facilitate low-rent creative space and affordable housing

would go a long way to enhancing Oxford Street, Darlinghurst as a unique and vibrant creative living and working precinct on the city’s doorstep.

President of the Darlinghurst Business Partnership Stephan Győry states:

“No new residential development should have you listening to your neighbour void their bowels. Sydney has suffered from a lack of coherent planning for the 24-hour, globalised gig-economy that major cities are moving towards. Laws have been made reactively and on the fly.

“We are not anti-development; in fact we expect and welcome it. We want to ensure quality development that enhances our local culture, rather than displaces it.”

The Darlinghurst Business Partnership calls on the NSW State Government to declare and legislate a specially designated ‘Oxford Street, Darlinghurst: Arts, Culture & Innovation Precinct’. The Act should explicitly recognise the economic and societal value of arts & culture. It must be predicated on the 24 hour rhythms of a true 21st Century city with a comprehensive, multi-agency plan to protect, foster and develop the night-time economy.

In addition to the above planning refinements, there are a suite of changes that, if undertaken, will turn Oxford Street a High Street of international acclaim: removal of clearways, impose a 40kph speed limit and a Bondi Light Rail. A renewal of Taylor Square could include the public reclamation of the Supreme Court building and the opening of its forecourt as well as a complete redesign of Taylor Square South.

The City of Sydney’s extensive property portfolio on the north of Oxford Street must not be allowed to languish; a head lease or trust structure should be considered, with any development inclusive of community groups currently occupying tenancies.
These changes must be planned in close cooperation with local stakeholders: the LGBTI community, residents, businesses and the City of Sydney.