Members' Benefits

We are a Not For Profit group comprised of passionate local small businesses

  • Our main goal is to increase foot-traffic in the area. I.e. More people through businesses doors.
  • We also advocate for Darlinghurst and Eastside on specific issues when the arise, especially issues tbhat our members have brought top our attention.

How are we working on increasing the number of people in the area?

  • Marketing Eastside Sydney. We work with Surry Hills Creative Precinct and the Potts Point Partnership under a City of Sydney business support grant (now in our third successful year). This is a Destination Marketing Strategy to promote Sydney's fine-grain culture - as opposed to the harbour bridge and big events. 

  • We Promote Eastside Sydney as an experienced-based destination. Common Wisdom is ...
    • People visit Melbourne for experiences
    • People visit Sydney for Landmarks, which is an opportunity
    • We want to attract the independent traveler. They comprise 30% of the tourism market and don’t come to or stay in Sydney

  • The more members we have the louder our voice in trying to achieve this plus for the $11, what you get (other than our voice)
    • 4 drinks/seminar nights a year
    • Lots of relevant emails
    • Alliance membership to State Chamber