A bit about us

The Darlinghust Business Partnership is comprised of like-minded business people who get together and work to promote and advocate for Darlinghurst in particular, and East Sydney in general. Founded in 2005 in the face of an egregious Oxford Street 'upgrade' carried out by the State Road Authority, we have since gone through a few incarnations.

In 2014 we reclaim our original name and look to a bright future of not being a stifling, clone-retail mall, having the raddest people in Sydney calling Darlinghurst home and working on a few exciting projects to better the area. 

In case you were wondering, Darlinghurst is an East Sydney suburb that shares a post code, and much of its community with Surry Hills (see places).

Darlinghurst is bounded by College Street in the East, William Street in the North, Boundary Street in the East and Goulburn/Campbell in the South.

While in the West and North we are bounded by wide main roads, In the East and South the community's borders are very blurry, making Paddington and Surry Hills particularly close neighbours, so much so that the 'Paddinghurst' and 'Campbell/Crown' precincts sit right atop the suburbs borders.  

East Sydney itself is very large, unique and individualist region and you can think of it as Sydney's sister-city (it's where the non-drones live, work and play).

It stretches from Wooloomooloo in the north, through Potts Point, King's Cross, Darlinghurst & Surry Hills to East Redfern in the south. Taylor Square is it's physical centre and anything east of Central Station, Elizabeth Street & Hyde Park and stretching all the way up to Paddington falls into it.

The Darlinghurst Business Partnership is joined in representing East Sydney Businesses by the Potts Point Partnership and the Paddington Business Partnership.