Yep, well, as downloads go the way of the Dodo, CD, Tape, Mini Disc & Wax Cylinder, in the face of streaming (music as utility, you knew it was coming) turns out that Vinyl, with its paltry 100 years of backwards compatibility, is the last man, woman and child standing.

So if, you know, you like to have a relationship with music beyond mere consumption, boy do we have goodies for you. We stock dance, house, techno, dnb, hiphop, rock, indie, dub, reggae, blues, jazz and more. We don't do the usual suspect catalogue trick; we order random and awesome stuff from around the world.

In short, if you know what you want, you can get it anywhere and probably cheaper online. If you don;t know what you want, we are the place for you. Also do turntables, headphones and needles/styli - we are soooo good at finding your needle, even the haystack gave up trying to fight us.