Why don't we put on a festival?

Long story short, the DBP believes that large festivals can disruptive and don't really do much to promote the long term sustainability of a precinct. They are either short term fixes or one off celebrations and we, the local indie owner/operators of the #darlo community are here for the long haul and want our hood to be buzzin' year round.

In light of this we encourage what bureaucrats might call call 'local hotspot activations'.

The idea is that if neighbours get together and co-promote or co/present little things regularly, and given that there are many, many cool little street corners and locales in Darlo, then there will be something fun happened every week, which is better for everyone in the long term and a far more authentic way to experience our local urban village vibe.

The trick to putting on an event in your business is ask yourself what skills, knowledge, connections or experiences can you provide because of your business. Your customers are clearly interested in your business or they wouldn't be shopping there. So it's about figuring out more ways to include them.

Once you have figured out what connections you might have that they want to be involved in, do it in your business: a wine tasting, a product launch, a talk by a designer, a fashion show, an exhibition, a class.

And once you have worked this out, then look at your neighbours and see what synergies there might be.  


Think about what your business allows, enables, permits you to do, and then do it.

Ask yourself, who or what do you have access to that people would want to engage with?

Find it and present it.

You can do it on your own but if you do it with your neighbours you can leverage each other's social media to great effect. For example …

A sake tasting in an art gallery
A record fair in a wine bar
A health product launch in a gym
A lingerie fashion show in a sex shop
A fetish fashion show in a nightclub