Sydney Lord Mayor stands up for Oxford Street 

Contact Minister Duncan Gay and support Clover's call to bring back the Boulevard by 


(A) the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) remove the Oxford Street clearway and 
introduce a 40 km/h speed limit on Oxford Street; and 

(B) the RMS, City of Sydney and Woollahra Council investigate relocating the existing 
bus lane to a centre lane. 

What to do about Oxford Street

City of Sydney Council has recognised the value of its 'Villages' in that small business employs 60% of the city's workforce and also give the city its rich, fine grain character.

The Harbour Bridge may look good on a flier, but let's face it, the reason you come back to a city is because of the people you meet, and this occurs at independent, owner operated businesses, cafe's, bookshops, small bars, restaurants. 

And while we cannot argue with the big end of town's tactic of flying the Chinese middle class into George Street to spend their some of their dollars in international chain stores (which could be in any city) and then the rest of their dollars at the new casino, it's not a sustainable (or desirable) strategy for an International City. Sydney needs the the Inner East, it's needs it's 'Villages' to thrive if it is going to attract and keep global talent and so Sydney needs to value, nurture and promote East Sydney as a companion city to the bland bustle of the CBD.

With this in mind, there is an easy fix.

The area already has a great community that is surviving very well in spite of the 6 lane highway the State Government foisted upon us in its 2005 'upgrade' and so the biggest hurdle Darlinghurst faces is the State Govenment's Roads and Maritime designation of Oxford Street as Traffic Gateway.

Their own figures show that Oxford Street, William Street and the - heavily underutilised - Cross City Tunnel [CCT] only carry as much traffic into the city as the 6-lane Anzac Bridge. (image below)

As such, there are very good arguments to be made to re-designate Oxford Street and start start to reclaim it from the through traffic.

William Street is a cold, shaded wind tunnel full of car hire places. The CCT is a wasteland. If the decision was made to prioritise William Street as the main Eastern Gateway into the CBD and the CCT was made free, then we could even further alleviate the - already dwindling - traffic burden on Oxford Street.

Lower Oxford Street does not need clearways and buses do not need to roar past at 60 kph.

Ultimately, we'd like to see light rail from the city to Bondi Junction, we have the lanes for it and light rail has been proven time and again to improve amenity and benefit the economy.     

Oxford Street NOT at capacity