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Time to rethink the OPEN Sydney Strategy.

Dear Lord Mayor, Councillors & distinguished others.

I write regarding the City of Sydney’s nighttime economic strategy, “Open Sydney”, and how the States Lockout Laws have scuttled the plan.
From the much-loved small bars, to late night dinners with a bottle of red, Sydney’s night life is going to wither as people bleed away into Double Bay and Newtown and the like.
It is clear, from both personal observation and, more importantly, from repeated statements by your own staff, that the Lockout Laws have rendered your nighttime strategy defunct.

And let’s face it, you know it is time to revise you strategy when your own staff are urging small and large bars to revise their business models towards the day and evening. But urge is all your staff can do because they are hamstrung by a partial strategy.
Rest assured, business are revising their models, but when your own staff cannot even suggest to DNSW that they shift their Darlinghurst web-copy away from the night in a more day time/transition economy direction, you know that Council, too, must embrace these necessary changes.

It is time for the City to make good on the following statement.
“From our high quality facilities to local services and initiatives, the City of Sydney is dedicated to delivering the best city environment for living, working, business and recreation, 24 hours a day.”
It was unfathomable to us then, and still is now that one would develop a nighttime economy strategy in isolation from the rest of the day and economy, especially considering the above statement taken from your own website.

Sydney requires a ‘whole of day, whole of economy’ strategy, of which any nighttime (or Village Economy) strategy would be an organic, connected, evolving component.
As such a thing, it could respond to business- and community-disrupting events like the Lockout Laws by pivoting nimbly in the direction its over-arching vision calls for.
I URGE you in the strongest possible manner, to immediately adopt a ‘whole of day, whole of economy’ strategy modelled on the Melbourne 24 Hour City Policy.

We’ve 18 long months until the Lockout Laws are even looked at again so for the City of Sydney to signal to the world that Sydney is not only Open Late, but Open in the Evening and Day, would go a long way to helping the affected communities rejigger their business models into something that can keep providing employment and entertainment for the residents of and visitors to, Sydney.

And this cannot go to committee or await a report. This must happen now.
Stephan Győry
President – Darlinghurst Business Partnership