This February the DBP is teaming up with Mardi Gras and Airbnb to expose the awesome nooks and crannies of Darlinghurst to all and sundry.

As a local business all you have to do is offer 10% off to anyone that shows you a receipt for one of the 150 Sydney Mardi Gras affiliated events happening during the entire 2.5 week festival. (Fear not, there will be a list for your staff to check).

Local Darlo businesses, submit your details here to take advantage of the MASSIVE amount of publicity we are going do, including print media, social media, online media, and a vast swathe of printed pamphlets.

NOTE: We've had feedback that not all of your business models fit with a 10% blanket discount, so please feel free offer 10% on an item, or offer, or service or part of your range. 

NOTE 2: As off Thursday the 11/02/2016 we have gone to print on the fliers. You can still be on the web and have posters to advertise the deal during the Mardi Gras festival.

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There's limited room on the flier so please be concise :)
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I agree that my business will provide 10% off to anyone showing a receipt (electronic or printed) for any Sydney Mardi Gras affiliated event.