benefits of joining

DBP Bullet Points of Awesome

·         We are a Not For Profit Group of local small Businesses

·         Main goal: Increase foot-traffic in the area.

o   I.e. More people through businesses doors.

·         How will we achieve this: Developing East Sydney

o   Teaming up with Surry Hills and Potts Point Partnerships

o   Promote East Sydney as an experienced-based destination.

o   Common Wisdom is ...

§  People visit Melbourne for experiences

§  People visit Sydney for Landmarks, which is an opportunity

§  We want to attract the independent traveler

·   They are 20% of the tourism market don’t come or stay in Sydney

·         The more members we have the louder our voice in trying to achieve this plus for the $11, what you get (other than our voice)

o   4 drinks nights a year

o   Lots of relevant emails

o   Alliance membership to State Chamber